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Why write about science, out of all the possible things that could be written about? Why not politics? Why not kittens? Why not anything?

Well that is exactly it, science can be about anything, it has a wide coverage and effect upon everyone’s lives whether they want to acknowledge it or not. Well that and the fact that a blog about kittens is likely a high niche market on which I don’t have much to say (except that they are the cutest!). And there are already too many cats in the intertubes.

But that isn’t really the reason. Science is beautiful in its own right, if we want to know about the world and the way reality is, it is our best bet. The image in the banner shows a neuroimaging technique known as brainbows in a model organism, the zebrafish. The technique is used to label neuronal cells by expression of certain combinations of fluorescent proteins after using Cre/loxP site specific recombination. However knowledge of the experimental details aren’t really necessary to appreciate the beauty of what you are seeing, you are looking at  images of the cells that make up the zebrafish brain and part of its neuronal circuitary!

Basically, science is interesting